I think there is probably a fair amount of crossover in my readership between bears and video games, so I’m gonna post this here.

A guy in a town not from where I live is doing a Kickstarter for a survival stealth video game that he’s creating called Turnover. He’s only looking for $800, and as of right now, he’s at $557 with the campaign ending on Friday. You can get a DRM-free copy of the game when it comes out for as little as $9 ($15 if you also want a Steam key, if it gets through Greenlight) which is pretty damn cheap.

There’s lots of info and gameplay videos on the Kickstarter page. You should check it out and totally pledge. You only get charged if the campaign succeeds, and again it ends on FRIDAY.


Turnover Kickstarter page


If you liked the photos of James A, I think you’ll enjoy his video. Cheeky and fun, and very much him. Enjoy, and follow him… He’s promised the next videos will feature no clothes if he hits 1,000 followers… Just sayin…

UGHHHHH so hot.

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